Greengate Enterprises, founded in the year 2013, headquartered at Sankar Nagar, Kollam, Kerala is a team of professionals who can see things beyond the horizon set out to the simple goal of providing Health and wellness products, accessories, sanitizing, disinfectant products and equipment, renewable energy products such as Solar Power Plant (On and Off-Grid), Solar Water Heater, Solar High Mast Light, Solar Street light systems etc.

Our flagship product, the atmospheric water generator that generates water from atmospheric air is developed by US technology.

Breezze was conceived by Green Gates as an innovative invention that generates water from atmospheric air with 7 stages of filtration and alkalized by electrolyzis process which delivers pH9+ pristine pure drinking water with perceived health benefits retaining all-natural and much needed minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium which confirms WHO specifications and BIS 10500/2012 standards.

World accredited all-natural organic disinfectant generators (HOCL) comes in 3 variants, disinfectant solutions, along with fogging machines.

Times have really changed for our planet and we just cannot stop responding to the pulsating rhythm of its progress. Our internationally acclaimed products are all set to preserve the nature and maintain the ecological balance of our mother earth.

Greengate enterprises employs experienced professionals into Design, supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and maintenance of all our products.

Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

To create the best Innovative and Alternative Source of Renewable Green Energy Solutions by influence the Changing Lifestyle of a Health Conscious Generation and making an Impact for the Earth and its Environment by Creating a unique Community of Our Brand tribe who could take our Brand name forward as their Prestige, Protects Our Brand Value, Our Brand Promise and make our Brand mark permanent in the minds of the world by reducing Carbon footprint of the Environment and Save Earth for the Future generations to live a Healthier life.


  • One Time Investements
  • Maintenance Free
  • Based on your localty a 1KVA Solar power plant can produce 5-5.7 Kwh(Units) per day
  • Dependence on Solar power can bring down your slab which results in substantial savings in electricity bills

What makes us special

  1. Team trained by Govt run education Programme(MSME-DI)
  2. Best Quality Products
  3. Prompt Service
  4. Hassle free processing of claims
  5. Financial Assistance from banks for eligible customers


Our Products helps in reducing Carbon footprint of the Environment and Save Earth for the Future Generations to live a Healthier life.

Our Promise

We provide Optimum & Best Solution for Safe and Healthy World.


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