About Us

Green Gate Enterprises is in the business of Solar Energy Products since many years and also an approved supplier for many national and international companies, institutes, organizations, individuals and governments. Green Gate is committed in creating a clean and green environment by providing energy efficient solar solutions. The company was started in 2013 to promote and thereby marketing all sorts of solar heating as well as lighting including newly invented LED products in the midst of public.

We provide new generation lighting solutions with Solid State Technology (LED Lighting). Our LED solutions are state- of- the- art and rugged to suit various customer requirements.

We have a dominant position in the marketplace and has numerous successes for its products and services. With the current worldwide expansion of interest and sales in the solar energy, our company is well positioned with the appropriate experience and knowledge and is playing an important role in the world of solar power.


  • One Time Investements
  • Maintenance Free
  • Based on your localty a 1KVA Solar power plant can produce 5-5.7 Kwh(Units) per day
  • Dependance on Solar poweer can bring down your slab which results in substantial savings in electricty bills

Why Choose Us

  • Team trained by Govt run education Programme(MSME-DI)
  • Best Quality Products
  • Prompt Service
  • Hassle free processing of claims
  • Financial Assistance from banks for eligible customers

How We Operate

  1. Personal Consultation:After our appointment with you our Engineers will visit your facility and needs solar irraiation availability at your premisis
  2. Desgning :Our esign team will analyse your requirements an suggest the best optimum design suiting your needs
  3. Installation : Our design basis will be discussed with you and upon confirmation from you ,installation and commissioning will be done.
  4. After Sales Support : We ensure that your system is working with full

We have our strong roots in Research and Development, fortified by hand picked team of the finest talent A team constantly keeps pushing the walls of technology with the tools of knowledge, state of the art machinery and the very best designing facilities.