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GREENGATE ENTERPRISES, Founded in the year 2013, headquartered at Sankar Nagar, Kollam is a team of highly efficient and talented professionals who can perceive things beyond the horizon dedicated exclusively to the GO GREEN SLOGAN set out to IMPACT the planet EARTH positively and to leave a better place to live in for our current and future generations alike.

To add wings to our IMPACT theory we, the GREENGATE ENTERPRISES engaged in manufacturing and marketing CARBON FREE, Eco friendly products, Health & wellness products, Atmospheric water generating machines, Water Ionization machines, Smart De Ionization (S D I) water purification systems (absolute replacement for R O, Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems), CHEMICAL & ALCOHOL FREE Natural Disinfectant Generating Devices, Fogging Machines for efficient sterilization and disinfecting process, Premium brand glass bottles and Total SOLAR solutions.

There are many more innovative products are in the pipeline which will be launched soon.


To create the best Innovative and Alternative Source of Green Energy Solutions by influence the Changing Lifestyle of a Health Conscious Generation and making an Impact for the Earth and its Environment by Creating a unique Community of Brand tribes who could take our Brand name forward as their Prestige, Protects Our Brand Value, Our Brand Promise and make our Brandmark permanent in the minds of the world by reducing Carbon footprint of the Environment and Save Earth for the Future generations to live a Healthier life.


1. Reducing Carbon footprint of the Environment and Save Earth for the Future Generations to live a Healthier life.

2. Influence the Changing Lifestyle of a Health Conscious Generation


Our Brand Mission is to encourage our Community of Brand Tribes to incorporate Greengate products seamlessly into their routine by bringing in valuable Investors, Collaborators, Distributors and Influencers on to support Our Brand Vision and continuously encourage and bring in new customers to use our innovative product ideas for a sustainable future.


The purpose of our Company is to make a positive change in lives of the citizens through innovative & sustainable solution.


Our products are being positioned keeping in mind that it must be healthier, safe, innovative, Sustainable and that offers a unique solution steered towards niche who belong to a certain lifestyle, looking for healthier alternative options and something that adds up values to their life.


  • One Time Investments
  • Maintenance Free
  • Based on your locality a 1KVA Solar power plant can produce 5-5.7 Kwh (Units) per day
  • Dependence on Solar power can bring down your slab which results in substantial savings in electricity bills


  • Team trained by Govt run education Programme (MSME-DI)
  • Best Quality Products
  • Prompt Service
  • Hassle free processing of claims
  • Financial Assistance from banks for eligible customers


  1. Personal Consultation: After our appointment with you our Engineers will visit your facility and needs solar irritation availability at your premises
  2. Designing :Our design team will analyse your requirements an suggest the best optimum design suiting your needs
  3. Installation : Our design basis will be discussed with you and upon confirmation from you ,installation and commissioning will be done.
  4. After Sales Support : We ensure that your system is working in full potential

We have our strong roots in Research and Development, fortified by hand  picked team of the finest talent A team constantly keeps pushing the walls of technology with the tools of knowledge, state of the art machinery and the very best designing facilities.