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Greengate’s flagship product the atmospheric water generator extracts water from air and purifies it through 7 stages of filtration delivers pure drinking water.

This water generator is ideal for water-stressed or contaminated areas moreover it provides a decentralized portable clean water without any conventional water sources or catch basins. It works on low voltages and hence solar power can be employed.

In 2009, the technology provider Water Maker India installed World’s air to water station at Jalimudi village in rural Andhra Pradesh, India as a perfect solution to safe drinking water as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. The next Air Station came up in Gujarat, Gandhigram.

WaterMakers have been installed at many locations in India including private homes, schools, ports, health and community centres, factories, worksites and more. They are also being exported to many countries today.


No more plastic bottles, no storage, no transportation costs. Just safe drinking water, whenever and wherever you need it!

  • Needs no water source.
  • Water is totally free from bacteria, viruses and harmful chemicals.
  • Water quality compliant to WHO/IS 10500:2012 standards.
  • Efficiently dehumidifies, recycles and cleans the air around.
  • Environment positive – no water wastage or rejects re-contaminating groundwater.
  • Secure water supply.
  • Largest range of AWGs – from *25 to 5,000 liters per day.
    (*25 litre AWGs on container load basis only)
  • Stand alone, point of use units which are scalable.
  • Easy to set up, low on maintenance.
  • Easy filter replacement.
  • Adjustable cold water temperatures.
  • LED function displays, automatic shut down and restart.
  • Food grade filtration piping and SS tank with submerged UV.
  • Water produced costs 50% less than bottled water.
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Water from Air a great Alternative Our Atmospheric Water Generators provide a decentralized, local source of clean potable water eliminating costs for transportation or laying pipelines.


The WaterMaker® derives and produces healthy, purified drinking water from the “atmospheric air we breathe”. It completes nature’s distillation process, by capturing water vapour before it even touches the earth. It provides a localised source of pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. All that it requires is electricity or alternate sources of energy to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear drinking water.