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Fogging Machine is a system that emits a thick mist comparable to fog or smoke. It has a fuel tank that is filled with a chemical and that produces fog or smoke. The unit can be either cooled or thermal. The toxic gas emitted from it has no odour and is not toxic to humans. The unit is typically used to kill mosquitoes and insecticides present in the house and is often used to sanitise the area by filling the liquid sanitizer inside.

Any of the fog machine fluids we use are made from water and glycol solutions that are not harmful to the human body. It is helpful to eliminate unpleasant indoor odours and bacteria. There are various types of fogging machines available.

The list of our items is a very long one. We provide our customers with a variety of items that are important for a safe climate. The fogger system that we’re supplying you with runs on high strength and gives you the best performance. They run at an effective distance of 3-8 metres with approximately 1000 W of fuel. Machines have automatic induction and are free to contact.

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