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Now, air to water machines for the petroleum industry

Now, air to water machines for the petroleum industry

The petroleum industry can now look forward to specially enhanced air to water machines and systems to provide clean filtered drinking water in oilfields, on oil rigs offshore and on land. These machines have been launched recently, after several months of engineering, incorporating the use of highly enhanced air filtering technology, to keep the sand and dust out of the intake system. Available in various sizes and models, these new high tech products are already in use in Abu Dhabi, on test for several months. Some have been created to specifications for the purposes of refilling oil wells after extraction; machines are custom built for the environment.

Having a large Air Water machine, of 1000 litres plus on board an offshore oil rig is a complete revolution to known and established water supply systems. There is no desalination, no RO, no boat/helicopter supplies. In fact, once installed, the machines just extract water from the moisture and humidity in the air, constantly producing safe drinking water.

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